About MMA

What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, with a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions. The rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques…both while standing and on the ground. Such competitions allow martial artists of different backgrounds and disciplines to compete.

MMA Techniques include the following:

  • Muay Thai – Thailand’s National sport incorporates all elements of striking i.e. hands, elbows, knees and kicks. Our program is structured to suit everyone from beginners to amateur/professional fighters or anyone looking to learn Muay Thai for fun, fitness or self-defense.


  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) – Whether you are a beginner or experienced grappler, in your teens or an adult, BJJ is great for self-defense and as a sport because it gives you a serious competitive edge. Its benefits include increased confidence, a sense of discipline, regimented training, total body workout, increased fitness levels and weight loss.


  • Strength and Conditioning –  A total body conditioning program combining cardio and strength training. You will constantly challenge yourself with a series of fun, ever-changing exercises designed to decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, core strength, balance and coordination. Our expert coach has designed a master program to help you build a strong, fit body and mind. All fitness levels are welcome.